About Privacy Policy

Please read this page carefully before using this website.

  1. You can check our hospital’s basic policy regarding the protection of personal information.

  2. Privacy Policy on this website

    The purpose of the Privacy Policy is to make the protection of privacy more reliable by specifying to users that those involved in the operation of this website will acquire and utilize personal information in accordance with pre-determined extent and procedure, therefore will handle the information appropriately under strict control.
    In addition, by disclosing our policy on the handling of personal information, the environment for users to make appropriate judgments about whether to provide personal information is improved. If you do not accept the privacy policy, you can stop using this website at any time.


On this website, users may be asked to provide personal information when using the following services.

  • Email Sending Form

The obtained personal information includes the following.

  • The content of the email sending form

The obtained personal information will be used for the purposes indicated below.

  • Contacting the applicant

Provision of obtained personal information to third parties

Personal information obtained from this website will not be used by third parties except with the consent of the individual or in accordance with laws and regulations.


About Access Logs

When a user visits this website, the information is recorded in the form of an access log on our server. The contents of logs include: date and time of access, domain name, IP address, type of web browser used, and so on, but usually do not contain information that can identify individuals. This information is used for operation of our center website.
In addition, we also do not provide this information to any external third parties (except in the case of a criminal case or other lawful request under the law).


About Links to External Websites

This website contains links to external websites. This site does not share responsibility for the privacy protection of these external sites. Each website that handles personal information has its own idea of privacy and takes a unique approach to privacy protection. If the website you are visiting has a privacy policy, please read it carefully before using the website.


About Security

We take great security measures so that the personal information collected through the operation of this website will be securely managed and protected. We strictly manage the computers that store personal information in relation to the operation of this website so that internal data will not be falsified or damaged by unauthorized access from outside our network. We take proper and sensible security measures against any date breach or unauthorized access from outside our network to protect your personal information.
In addition, we are continuously adjusting and striving to improve the application of our information security management system.


About Privacy Policy Update

Our private policy standards may change as technology progresses and/or security risks increase or decrease. We may also modify the types and range of personal information we collect when the details of our work change. The privacy policy is not set in stone; it needs to be evaluated and revisited constantly to remain in accordance with the circumstances. When we have made any changes to our privacy policy, we will make an announcement on the website or send out an individual notice so that users can immediately understand the changes.

Center for International Preventive Medicine, the University of Tokyo Hospital, may change or discontinue any content used on this website without notification. Please be careful when linking.

This website is operated for the purpose of providing information on Center for International Preventive Medicine, the University of Tokyo Hospital, and will not be used for any other purpose. In addition, we will not be responsible for any damages caused by changing information, closing this website, etc., for whatever reason.